Labor and Employment Law Seminar

Holland & Knight Program
CLE Available, Seminar
February 28, 2013
8:00 AM - 10:30 AM CT
Holland & Knight
131 South Dearborn Street
Chicago, IL 60603

Please join us for a complimentary breakfast briefing with updates from Holland & Knight's labor, employment and benefits attorneys on important employment law issues. This interactive seminar will help clients from a wide range of industries.

Topics and Speakers

What Companies Need to Know to Be Ready to Handle Employee Criminal Matters

Employees can be the perpetrators or victims of criminal acts, including threats or acts of violence, sabotage, theft or embezzlement. Often, these situations require an immediate, emergency response. Partner Steffi Garrett will discuss scenarios where criminal threats or acts by or against employees impact companies, factors to consider in addressing them, and do's and don’ts to prepare for and respond to these situations.

Recent Employment Law Developments on the State and Federal Level

It comes as no surprise that the number of issues that employment law practitioners must keep track of keeps expanding. Associates Adam Young and Jennifer Froehlich will address recent developments in the law, including new Illinois statutes and key state and federal cases.

Labor Relations in Today's Environment

Unions are seeking new targets for organization and new ways to organize. The Democratically-controlled National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has issued numerous decisions that assist unions in the organizing process. Partner Todd Steenson will discuss this trend and how it impacts your business. He will also discuss the conditions that lead to organizing, signs that organizing is occurring and recent NLRB decisions that provide potential organizing opportunities for unions. 

The Current Status of ADR as an Alternative to Court Litigation

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), i.e., binding arbitration, has received lots of hype as a speedy and streamlined alternative to court litigation and the risks associated with jury trials. Partner Steve Gillman will review the advantages and disadvantages of ADR and recent issues regarding the enforceability and permissible scope of ADR plans.

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