Tricky Trust Administration: Navigating Cryptocurrency, Trademarks and Marijuana Trust Assets

Estate Planning Council of Diablo Valley
May 20, 2020
4:45 PM - 6:00 PM PT
Private Wealth Services Attorneys Robert Barton, Jamie Herren and Vivian Rivera will host a presentation titled, "Tricky Trust Administration - Navigating Cryptocurrency, Trademarks and Marijuana Trust Assets." The session will discuss fast moving legal developments, including the semi-legalization of marijuana, the explosion of the use of cryptocurrency, and the complex regulatory framework for IP that have created unique challenges for Trust and Estate administrations holding assets affected by these issues. The attorneys will present an overview of these tricky trust administration problems and aim to help the participants understand and identify the risks associated with each of the issues described, understand what questions to ask in conducting due diligence regarding a trust administration with these issues and ways to mitigate the problems.

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