Role of Coops & Muni’s

Texas Energy Online, EUCI
May 12, 2021
10:30 AM - 11:15 AM CT

Energy Partner Todd Kimbrough will co-host a session titled "Role of Coops & Muni’s" at EUCI's Texas Energy Online event. The virtual event will include speakers from the Public Utility Commission of Texas, ERCOT, Oncor, Just Energy, Shell, Orsted, Port Houston, and many other stakeholders in the Texas energy market. They will discuss how plans and priorities are likely to change after the historic winter storm of 2021, which resulted in mass power outages throughout Texas. In addition, they will cover grid reliability and resiliency and highlight innovative solutions in the works to combat future climate threats and minimize disruptions. Mr. Kimbrough's session will focus on microgrids for large load centers and the future of mobility including EV penetration and integration of charging stations, green fleets, rules and regulations for selling power through charging stations and credit scoring for energy providers.

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