Online Legal Updates - Mexico

Holland & Knight's Mexico City office keeps you informed of the latest legal updates and measures implemented by different national and public entities to face the current situation in the country. Our team of attorneys is ready to advise all types of national and international companies doing business in Mexico.

September 28
Speakers and Topics:
Alberto Esenaro – Recent cases of economic competition in the health sector
Josafat Paredes y María Teresa Quintero – Foreign trade aspects to consider in the 2021 Economic Package
María Teresa Quintero – Modifications of the Mexican Official Standard NOM-051
Octavio Lecona – Modifications to the payment of rights for the use of the radioelectric spectrum

September 21
Speakers and Topics:
Alberto Esenaro – Fine to gasoline companies
Santiago Soldevilla – Modifications to the investment regime of SIEFORES (CKD's and SPAC's)
Daniel Jiménez – Jurisprudence - Formalities in a summons
Jorge Andazola – Agreement signed by the STPS and the Notary Public of Mexico

September 14
Speakers and Topics:
Jorge Andazola – Second phase of compliance with Rule 35
Josafat Paredes – Additions and modifications to the General Rules on customs matters in the USMCA

September 7
Speakers and Topics:
Leslie Palma – Labor compliance for employees before the USMCA
María Teresa Quintero – Updates in foreign trade and agreement by which powers are delegated to public servants in the Tax Administration Service (SAT)

August 31
Presenters and Topics:
Alberto Esenaro – CRE regulatory program
Daniel Jiménez – Recent criteria from the Supreme Court of Justice:
(i) Unconstitutionality of article 27 of the Law of Coordinated Regulatory Bodies in Energy Matters
(ii) New criteria related to the custody of minors (Mexico City legislation)
Leslie Palma – Possible labor reform - Home Office
María Teresa Quintero – Agreement establishing the methodology for the creation and modification of commercial identification numbers

August 24
Presenters and Topics:
Jorge Andazola – Official Standard on Labor Equality and Non-Discrimination (NMX-R-025-SCFI-2015)
María Teresa Quintero – Preliminary draft of the agreement that modifies Annex 2.4.1 of the Rules of the Ministry of Economy
Aldo González – Replacing Libor in credit contracts and other contracts: Update on 2020 and 2021 milestones and possible legal adjustments
Alberto Esenaro – Reactivation of CRE terms

August 17
Presenters and Topics:
Carlos Véjar – Sanction imposed in the United States against a company that imports goods to the United States under conditions of forced labor
Leslie Palma – Mexican Official Standard NOM-035: Psychosocial risk factors at work - identification, analysis and prevention

August 10
Presenters and Topics:
María Teresa Quintero – IVA and IEPS obligations for certified companies
José Luis Villareal – Initiative to reform the Federal Criminal Code on copyright
Daniel Jiménez – Care modalities for contentious online proceedings in the administrative channel
Jorge Andazola – Protocols to prevent, respond to and eradicate workplace violence

August 3
Presenters and Topics:
Octavio Lecona/Blanca Luévano – Net Neutrality
Daniel Jiménez – Returning to in-person proceedings in the courts
Octavio Lecona/José Luis Villareal – Mexican Official Standard NOM-051: Front labeling and implications for intellectual property
Leslie Palma – Return-to-work criteria, vulnerable persons

July 27
Presenters and Topics:
José Luis Villareal – New industrial property law
Carlos Véjar/Laura Zielinski – Updates from the Ministry of Economy
María Teresa Quintero – Modifications to the General Rules of Foreign Trade of 2020
Leslie Palma/Jorge Andazola – Pensions initiative

July 20
Presenters and Topics:
José Luis Villareal – Copyright law reforms
Daniel Jiménez – Lease agreements
Leslie Palma – Legal implications of the "home office"
María Teresa Quintero – New Internal Regulation from the Federal Court of Administrative Justice

July 13
Presenters and Topics:
María Teresa Quintero – E-commerce rules
Daniel Jiménez – Commercial bankruptcy - restructuring