Healthcare & Life Sciences

Healthcare providers, payers, drug and device manufacturers, clinical labs and other stakeholders in the healthcare industry will play an important and significant role in the response to COVID-19. Hospitals and providers are addressing critical issues posed by the current outbreak, and must be prepared with robust emergency and disaster recovery plans, access to critical care for impacted patients, accommodations for potential supply chain disruptions, and other systemic risks to the provision of care to patients by an overwhelmed healthcare system.

Payers will face their own challenges related to access to care and coverage decisions regarding diagnosis and treatment, including the reimbursement for new drugs for treatment and vaccination. Additionally, drug manufacturers are working alongside hospitals, research organizations and the government to develop both a vaccine for COVID-19 and possible antiviral medications to help mitigate the impact on infected patients, while labs are developing necessary tests. Our Healthcare & Life Sciences Industry Sector Group is available to help with any of these issues and advise you on the key impacts to your businesses.

Healthcare Privacy

During a national health crisis, business executives need to be concerned about how other regulations – such as privacy, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) – impact their existing policies. Our lawyers can provide direction on how to disclose disputes, litigation, breaches of contract, force majeure and insurance related to COVID-19. 
Primary Contacts: Jeff Mittleman, Ashley Shively and Mark Melodia 

Hospitals and Physicians

Our dedicated COVID-19 Hospitals and Physicians Team includes over 40 professionals who are committed to helping you address the variety of questions and legal issues you are facing during the pandemic.

Relevant Publications

Holland & Knight’s multidisciplinary COVID-19 Response Team is available to help clients respond to a variety of business and legal issues they may be facing.

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