Digital Signature Solutions

Remote Online Notarizations, Digital Signatures, and Transferable Electronic Records

Businesses and consumers are increasingly turning to remote online notarization solutions and digital signature solutions in light of the dramatic increase in remote working environments, and decreased access to traditional infrastructure for signing, notarizing, and processing transaction documents. Remote online notarizations allow businesses to notarize critical documents with clients, vendors and government entities despite the notary and signer being unable to physically be in the same room at the same time. This allows business to operate seamlessly with remote employees who are traveling, located oversees, or during emergency situations when face-to-face interactions are not possible.

These solutions often entail moving from the use of scanned manual signatures to more secure and auditable digital signature solutions. Furthermore, special considerations attach to electronic promissory notes, letters of credit, and chattel paper, where possession of a physical copy of the instrument evidences ownership of the rights embodied in the instrument. As with any new process—especially where technology is used— businesses must, of course, perform the necessary due diligence, and put in place tight policies and procedures before implementing to ensure compliance with laws and regulations. Our attorneys can assist companies in implementing remote notarization solutions as well as digital signature solutions, to enable enforceable remote transactions.

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