August 16, 2011

Tune Up Your Minors' Trusts - Adopting Best Financial Practices While Meeting Tax and IGRA Requirements

This webinar focuses on legal, tax and financial-market requirements, and the realities that tribal leaders, general counsel and tribal finance officers should consider in structuring and administering a trust set up to hold and distribute gaming revenues for minor members of an Indian Tribe. The webinar is presented by Kathleen M. Nilles and Lynn D. Rapp.

Ms. Nilles' presentation will include a discussion of:

  • Key federal tax requirements (Rev. Proc. 2003-14) and underlying principles of constructive receipt and economic benefit
  • IGRA requirements, as contained in Revenue Allocation Plan regulations     
  • Impact of the Kiddie Tax on minors’ trusts
  • Options for staggering or deferring distributions

Ms. Rapp's presentation will cover: 

  • New thinking on the investment management process
  • The selection process for registered investment advisors and consultants
  • Age-weighted portfolio management
  • Evaluating risk
  • Tribal member consultation and financial education for the next generation

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