March 30, 2012

Florida Ethics Commission Refers Case Against Jim Norman to Senate for Punishment, LT Lafferty Explains What to Expect

ABC Action News

White Collar Defense Senior Counsel and former Florida Commissioner on Ethics LT Lafferty discusses the case against former Senator Jim Norman. The Florida Commission on Ethics found probable cause that Norman violated ethics laws by failing to disclose a property in public disclosure forms. The luxury Arkansas home was purchased with money given to his wife.

Mr. Lafferty said it is likely the Senate will vote to admonish the former senator.

"It is a paper issue in the sense that he did not disclose the gift to his wife, but it also involves other issues as well," Mr. Lafferty said. "Obviously we've had an investigation by the U.S. Attorney's Office and they're issues of public corruption, if you will, so it's both."

Duration: 2:48 (Mr. Lafferty begins his discussion at 2:15)

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