September 12, 2019

Policy Minute: TSA Cybersecurity Roadmap for Pipelines

Senior Policy Advisor Norma Krayem assesses the Transportation Security Administration's cybersecurity roadmap for pipelines and explains that the pipeline industry has long been split between safety, regulation and permitting which has been the source of confusion about who would be in charge of managing the sector for cybersecurity risks. The cybersecurity roadmap that was issued in December of 2018 offered some clarity into this matter and outlined that TSA would be in charge of regulating cybersecurity issues for the pipeline industry.

Here are the five main tasks for the pipeline industry in light of the cybersecurity roadmap that was issued:

  1. Create a cybersecurity enterprise risk management program
  2. Look at cyber risk in your vendors and supply chain
  3. Conduct cybersecurity vulnerability assessments
  4. Understand that international cyber requirements are on the way
  5. Utilize the DHS Safe Harbor programs to share cyber threats and protect the company

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