November 11, 2021

Veterans Day Tribute

Holland & Knight is honored to salute all veterans who have served our country, including our very own attorneys and professionals who have defended our freedoms at home and abroad. This year's tribute features more than 80 Holland & Knight lawyers and staff, and focuses on doing good work through raising awareness and providing pro bono and community service for veterans and their families. Here at Holland & Knight, we believe that veterans should be supported and celebrated, not only on Veterans Day, but every day.

The Veterans Group works to support service members, veterans and their families through legal, pro bono and community service activities. From 2016 to 2020, Holland & Knight has provided more than 24,850 pro bono hours for veteran/military-related matters.

Holland & Knight invites you to learn more about the Veterans Group initiative and our pro bono and community services.

Video Transcript

Holland & Knight's Veterans Group was founded on the fundamental premise that the men and women who have served our country and defended our freedoms deserve our talent and resources to improve their quality of life. Here at Holland & Knight, we believe that veterans should be supported and celebrated, not only on Veterans Day, but every day.

Our Veterans Group's goal is do good work by raising awareness and by providing pro bono and community service for veterans and their families in each of the cities where we have offices. In 2020, members of our firm dedicated 6,373 hours toward veteran- and military-related pro bono matters. Our firm is recognized frequently for our commitment to veteran initiatives, and this year we received our ninth consecutive ABA Military Pro Bono Project Outstanding Services Award. Our Veterans Group is at the forefront of military and veteran initiatives nationwide, and we are fortunate to collaborate with many organizations that share our core values. At Holland & Knight, we honor the courageous efforts of all veterans, including our very own.

1:32 - Matthew Sloane: Doing good work really means helping others and doing legal work that benefits the lives of others. I continue to serve in the Massachusetts Air National Guard as a Major JAG officer. Since I joined the firm, I've been doing pro bono work, both for veterans and for active duty service members. The firm's commitment to that cause was one of the reasons I wanted to join. When I left the military, I wanted to work in a place that had the sense of camaraderie that I had in the military, and obviously that's very difficult to replicate, but I have been pleasantly surprised since I joined that my expectations have been exceeded in that regard. The firm's full of phenomenal people committed to doing good work.

2:33 - Christine Thebaud: I had commanders who set absolute expectations of standards of excellence. And it wasn't for their own vanity, and it wasn't because they wanted to have the best unit. But it was because of the purpose that we were there for: being part of something larger than yourself. And I think that's one of the things that attracted me to being an attorney when I got out anyway. Clients very rarely come to you because they're having a great day. They're coming to you because they're having a bad day and you're the person that can fix that for them, and I found that to be so rewarding when I was in the army to do stuff like that for soldiers. And so I guess if my time in the army inspired my time at Holland & Knight, I would say it's in that sort of service role.

4:37 - Kyle Underwood: If you interact with somebody, always be pleasant and always treat them with respect, whether you know them or not. Going to the park with my daughter and helping to show her how to do good work, to be a good person and to have positive interactions and be a positive influence on others, even if it's for a splitting moment of just saying hey or to smile. Something as simple as that.

5:08 - Christian Nagel: I've been asked to talk about how my service in the Marine Corps has inspired me to do good work. First thought that came to my mind was the message I received the day I was commissioned into the Marine Corps. First officer said, "Take care of your Marine." Second officer said, "Be technically and tactically proficient." I think those words in that order are the key to doing good work. I've seen both of these traits on display at Holland & Knight. In fact, I told someone who recently joined our firm that I feel more integrated and supported here than I have in any job I've worked at, except in the Marine Corps. I seek to live out the advice I received almost 20 years ago. I'm grateful to work at a place with so many attorneys and staff who are doing the same.

6:14 - Charles Jackson: I, along with a lot of other veteran friends of mine here in Houston, we volunteer every year and we feed an entire family or two for Thanksgiving, Christmas and also Easter. But Holland & Knight has enabled me to do that because every year when I do that, my coworkers come in and help feed those individuals. We cook the food together, we distribute the food. It actually makes it more fulfilling and easier to do because I don't have to feel like I have to go outside of my work group to do good things. We can all do it together.

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