April 7, 2022

Entrevista con Javier Solórzano

Heraldo de México

Energy attorney Carlos Véjar spoke with journalist Javier Solórzano for his program El Referente about the recent developments in Mexico's Supreme Court of Justice regarding the unconstitutionality of the Energy Reform in the country. Mr. Véjar said there is still uncertainty about the route that this reform will take.

Duration: 1:48

Interview Transcript

Javier Solórzano: Today's afternoon, in El Referente Informativo on radio, we spoke with Carlos Véjar, a specialist in arbitration trade, on the subject of the Energy Reform. This is a part of what we talked about. I think it's worth rescuing for more items.

Carlos Véjar: It is not that they have removed the rule, rather. What I can categorically assure you is that the uncertainty about the fate of this reform is still there. It is uncertain, because the vote was not declaring of the law's constitutionality. What many were looking for or what was expected by many was a qualified vote, that is, eight or more saying that the law was going backwards, this was not the case. A section-by-section vote was held and there are two, two questions. On the one hand, a group of articles are already declared constitutional. Those articles, those provisions, can no longer be subject to protection matters, since they have resolved those matters, on those provisions. Regarding the other provisions, an unqualified majority considered them, because they were not legitimate, they are still, let's say, in limbo and the protections that have been presented on that law that deal with those dispositions will have to be resolved. There are commitments on energy matters in the treaties that Mexico has signed with some of our main trading partners. Whoever has been saying that there are no commitments is incurring, well there is an issue that is de facto, that is internal to evaluation. Are there or are there no commitments? Yes there are. That they are not written in such a clear way that anyone who opens the text is to see them listed first? That's different, but there they are.

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