June 20, 2002

Florida Health Law Update

Holland & Knight Newsletter
Shannon Britton Hartsfield

The Florida legislature just passed a health care bill that, among other things, amends the definition of "referral" in the Florida Patient Self-Referral Act by removing the exemption for referrals by a health care provider for diagnostic clinical laboratory services where those services are directly related to renal dialysis.  It also creates an exception for referrals by a health care provider whose principal professional practice consists of treating patients in their private residences, except nursing homes. This law becomes effective on October 1, 2002, except for three sections that become effective on July 1, 2002

The new law may be viewed online at http://www.leg.state.fl.us/data/session/2002E/Senate/bills/billtext/pdf/s0046Eer.pdf

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