January 30, 2009

New FAR Rule on Compliance Programs and Ethics

Construction, Accounting, and Taxation
Christopher A. Myers

Contractors performing any work for the federal government should be aware of the new Federal Acquisition Requisition (FAR) provisions and clauses that require government contractors to establish and implement compliance programs and make mandatory disclosures of certain violations of criminal law, violations of the civil False Claims Act, and significant overpayments. This article discusses the final rule, changes to the December 2007 rule and new requirements.

READ: New FAR Rule on Compliance Programs and Ethics

Reprinted with permission. New Rule on Compliance Programs and Ethics, Christopher A. Myers and Allison Feierabend, Construction, Accounting, and Taxation, Vol. 19 No. 1 Copyright © 2009 ThomsonReuters. All rights reserved.

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