May 2019

Confidential and Proprietary Information, and Trade Secrets

Getting the Deal Through – Practice Guides: Franchise 2019
Mary Goodrich Nix

Attorney Mary Goodrich Nix contributed to Getting the Deal Through – Practice Guides: Franchise 2019 by writing the "Confidential and Proprietary Information, and Trade Secrets" chapter. Ms. Nix discusses how a franchise cannot be profitable without having intellectual property rights.

Confidential, proprietary and trade secret information that is special and unique to a franchise system is vital to its success.

Ms. Nix explains that a franchisee must be able to replicate the business operations of the franchise, however with a growing trend of trade secret theft, franchisors need to become increasingly proactive in managing and protecting their intellectual property.

READ: Confidential and Proprietary Information, and Trade Secrets

Reproduced with permission from Law Business Research Ltd. This article was first published in Getting the Deal Through – Practice Guides: Franchise 2019 (Published: May 2019). For further information please visit

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