July 31, 2020

Shipping Lawyer Offers Remedy To US Legal 'Headaches'

Holland & Knight Transportation Blog
Christopher R. Nolan

While there might be a large knowledge base of how global Maritime Law works both domestically and globally, there are also many ambiguities existing within the industry. Holland & Knight Maritime Partner Christopher Nolan, recently named a top 10 Lawyer globally by Lloyd's List, was interviewed by Lloyd's List: Maritime Intelligence about his work in the industry and in particular with overseas transportation clients with US business interests. The US legal system can be a minefield for the global maritime industry, with each of the nation's 50 states, having its own laws. That means "50 different headaches" to be faced by overseas clients, according to Mr. Nolan. The interview focuses on the unique issues faced by non-U.S. companies and how Mr. Nolan shepherds them through the arbitration and court process over his twenty-year career.

READ: Shipping Lawyer Offers Remedy To US Legal 'Headaches'

If you feel Chris Nolan can assist your company with its global maritime needs, please email him at chris.nolan@hklaw.com or call (212) 513-3307.

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