December 15, 2021

Ring v. Harmon

California Lawyers Association Trusts and Estates Section
Jaime B. Herren

Private Wealth Services attorney Jaime Herren authored a summary of the case Ring v. Harmon for the California Lawyers Association's Trusts and Estate Section. The case concerned a decedent's 80-year-old mother who, in her capacity as personal representative of the decedent, took out a loan against the decedent's home. She claimed the transaction was the result of predatory lending and elder abuse, among other torts, and filed a complaint alleging the defendants induced her to be personal representative of the decedent and take out the loan. The defendants argued that because she filed the complaint as an individual, not as the personal representative of the decedent, she lacked standing. A trial court agreed, and the appellate court reversed the decision only on the cause of action for elder abuse.

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