May 19, 2022

Post-COVID Telehealth Rules: What Providers Need to Know

Bloomberg Law
Suzanne Michelle Joy

Senior Public Affairs Advisor Suzanne Joy authored an article for Bloomberg Law exploring the future of telehealth. The COVID-19 public health emergency (PHE), recently extended through July 15, 2022, lifted certain requirements for patients and providers to allow greater access to care; for example, the PHE postponed in-person requirements for mental health televisits and expanded the types of professionals that can bill Medicare telehealth visits. However, policymakers remain reluctant to make any of these changes permanent after they expire, citing the need for more data. In addition, certain issues like cross-state licensure are unlikely to be addressed at the federal level. In this article, Ms. Joy talks about what actions Congress could take in the area of telehealth and what providers need to keep in mind to prepare for any changes to come.

READ: Post-COVID Telehealth Rules: What Providers Need to Know

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