July 25, 2022

Meiri v. Shamtoubi

California Lawyers Association Trusts and Estates Section
Jaime B. Herren

Private Wealth Services attorney Jaime Herren authored a summary of the case Meiri v. Shamtoubi for the California Lawyers Association's Trusts and Estates Section. The case concerned a inter-family dispute over a Trust created for their benefit after the father passed away. Following her husband’s death, Tale Shamtobi served trustee notification on all Trust beneficiaries. 230 days later, Meiri filed a petition seeking to invalidate the Trust due to her deceased father’s lack of capacity and undue influence and fraud by her siblings. Meiri was determined predeceased for filing a direct trust contest outside the 120-day period following trustee notification where her unexcused late filing constituted lack of probable cause.

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