July 8, 2022

Energy Transition in Project Financing

Asuntos Legales
Maria Elvira Borrero

Corporate Services attorney María Elvira Borrero wrote an article for Asuntos Legales about Colombia's energy transition and the financing of projects related to the transition. Ms. Borrero mentions the recent laws implemented in order to modernize the country in terms of energy transition, such as the Law 1715 of 2014, which defined green and blue hydrogen as Non-Conventional Sources of Renewable Energy. In response to this law, the country's Ministry of Mines and Energy approved through a resolution that the Non-Conventional Energy and Energy Management Fund (FENOGE) must allocate resources and extend its coverage for the financing of non-traditional energy projects. Ms. Borrero explains what the FENOGE consists of and how this fund participates in the financing of green and blue hydrogen. Likewise, she talks about how the financing of green hydrogen projects in Latin America has been treated.

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