May 24, 2023

Energy as Part of the Circular Economy

Mexico Business News
Claudio Rodriguez

Energy attorney Claudio Rodríguez wrote an article for Mexico Business News about the concept of a circular economy and how it can apply in Mexico's energy industry. Mr. Rodríguez explains that the idea of a circular economy involves the "Three P's": planet, people and profit. In a circular economy, companies incorporate strategies for reusing, repurposing and recycling into all stages of sourcing, production, distribution and consumption, creating a "reverse supply chain" to preserve resources and increase profits. The author also talks about related laws in Mexico, from the yet-to-be enacted General Circular Economy Law (Ley General de Economía Circular) to the Mexico City Circular Economy Law (Ley de Economía Circular de la Ciudad de México), enacted in March of this year. He also examines barriers to the implementation of the circular economy in Mexico's energy industry and what policy and legal changes are needed to incentivize this process.

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