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March 6, 2009

Using the Web to network

Chicago Lawyer

M&A Practice Group Partners Larry Zanger and Tom Skallas were quoted in "Using the Web to network" in the on-line edition of Chicago Lawyer magazine on March 6, 2009. The article discusses the use of the internet for networking purposes.

The editorial discusses the increasing presence of social networking websites, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, in professional relationships with clients. This is especially prevalent with younger attorneys who have grown accustomed to digital communication compared to older lawyers. Mr. Skallas explains the necessity in utilizing the new medium: "I think you have a whole generation of people growing up on this stuff. If you intend to reach out to them, then you need to do it on their terms." He also noted that it helped him display his dedication to his clients. "I communicate all day long and sometimes all night long with my clients. Staying connected with them is sort of critical."

Despite the benefits of electronic communication, Mr. Zanger suggested that it would be in the interest of law firms and companies to create a digital marketing policy and regulation for its employees. "There are a number of people that I'm sure don't have the sophistication to understand what the heck they are doing," he said. He cautioned that unintentional sharing or uploading of information could result in confidence breeches and trademark infringements. "If they are not involved in the industry or not involved in electronic discovery, record-keeping kinds of issues, it can be a problem."

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