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November 15, 2009

Burnham Plan: Laying the Groundwork for Chicago

Chicago Lawyer

Chicago Real Estate Practice Group Leader Peter Friedman was quoted in a Chicago Lawyer article titled "Burnham Plan: Laying the Groundwork for Chicago."

The article highlights The John Marshall Law School's participation in Chicago's centennial celebration of the Burnham Plan. The 1909 Burnham Plan, Daniel Burnham's landmark achievement in American city planning, laid the foundation for Chicago's future development. As part of its sponsorship of the Burnham Plan Centennial, John Marshall has created new courses relating to the Plan, including a fall 2009 semester course co-taught by Mr. Friedman.

The course, titled "Historic Preservation Law," serves as a broad overview of federal, state and local laws that affect historic preservation and marketing. In Mr. Friedman's view, "The Burnham Plan was … a comprehensive plan for streets, parks, railroad facilities and civic buildings." He adds, "[Modern day preservation regulations] are intended to preserve those historic features and structures, many of which are results of the Burnham Plan or of efforts that followed the Burnham Plan." To read the full article please visit the link below.

READ: Burnham Plan: Laying the Groundwork for Chicago

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