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April 1, 2010

Pirate Skiff vs. U.S. Navy?

Maritime Practice Group Leader James Hohenstein was quoted in a TradeWinds article titled, "Pirate Skiff vs. U.S. Navy?"

The article reports an alleged April 1 pirate assault on the U.S.S. Nicholas and discusses broadly the issue of attacks on merchant vessels transiting the Gulf of Arden and parts of the Indian Ocean. Despite increased naval presence, incidents of piracy continue in the region. In response, security companies around the world are offering solutions to piracy problems, from armed guards and attack dogs to hull-mounted fog machines that spew toxic gas. "The situation is no different than 300 years ago when the British Navy went after pirates, you have to meet force with force," said Mr. Hohenstein, a former U.S. Navy Captain. "It's the simplest way to handle it."

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