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December 19, 2011

Disney Gives Ousted Time-Share Chief Consulting Deal, Recommendation

Orlando Sentinel

Labor, Employment and Benefits Partner Steve Ball was quoted in an Orlando Sentinel article titled "Disney gives ousted time-share chief consulting deal, recommendation."

According to the article, The Walt Disney Company has given the former president of its time-share business, Jim Lewis, a consulting deal and written him a letter of recommendation just four months after the company forced him out because of errors made in the financial planning of an $850 million resort in Hawaii. Mr. Ball said the letter of recommendation, in particular, suggests a settlement, though he also said the letter alone is not conclusive proof of one. A letter of recommendation "usually is a term that is perhaps spelled out as part of a settlement agreement," Mr. Ball said. "It could have been a business decision on the part of the company to say, 'I think I'm right,' or 'I know I'm right, but do I want to get involved in the protracted litigation – and the public exposure of that – to prove I'm right?'"

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