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March 26, 2012

Panel Upholds Red Light Ticket Process

Chicago Daily Law Bulletin

Drivers and car owners who want to protest a red light violation captured by an automated camera lack a right to a jury trial, a state appeals panel ruled. Gina Fischetti, who was fined $100 in 2009 after an intersection camera photographed her vehicle running a red light at Meacham and Woodfield roads, filed a complaint in Cook County Circuit Court alleging that the suburb adjudicated the alleged violation through an administrative hearing process even though the suburb lacked statutory authority to do that. She also contended that the suburb, Schaumburg, disregarded her constitutional rights to due process and equal protection. According to Jack Siegel, of counsel in the Real Estate Section "The appellate opinion affirms our constitutional right to do exactly what the legislature told us we could do. I think there's plenty of due process as apparently the court recognized. She gets noticed; she gets an opportunity to object; she got the opportunity to get judicial review," he said.

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