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July 25, 2012

Pirate Negotiator Freed

Fairplay Daily News

The release of pirate negotiator Ali Mohamed Ali has been ordered by a US federal judge, pending appeal of his case. According to court transcripts acquired by the AP, US District Judge Ellen Huvelle was furious when prosecutors told her at a status hearing earlier this month that Ali had been in international waters for just 24-28 minutes – and that they could not specify how he facilitated piracy even during that time. On July 13, Huvelle dismissed one piracy charge and placed Ali in confinement at the home of a friend of his in Centreville, Virginia.

“Certainly, this judge had legitimate concerns about the evidence as presented,” Co-Chair of the Maritime Group James Hohenstein. “However, I don’t see that this has any long term implication for US anti piracy efforts,” Mr. Hohenstein added.

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