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January 25, 2017

Insider Threat Special Report: Whistleblowers

The Cipher Brief

Government contractors are now required to have a program in place to identify potential insider threats before those employees can release or remove sensitive or classified information. Attorneys James Harris and Rodney Perry weighed in on distinguishing between a thief stealing information critical to national security and a whistleblower exposing potentially illegal activity.

"Once they step out of that process and get in this paranoid state, and they don't trust the system or the anonymous hotlines, and then they start stealing a bunch of data out of your organization, then they are an insider threat problem, and there's no defense to that other than in the court of public opinion," said Mr. Harris.

"What these (Intelligence Community Whistleblower Act of 1998; Presidential Policy Directive 19) measures protect against is sort of adverse personnel action that results from a whistleblower following the proper channels as described in each relevant piece of legislation or measure," said Mr. Perry.

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