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April 2018

Limit Liability for Medical Marijuana Use on Campus

Campus Legal Advisor

Education attorney Katrina Chapman's insight on on-campus drug use was used in an article for Campus Legal Advisor. Ms. Chapman's statements were originally given during a February 2018 presentation at Stetson University's Higher Education and Law annual conference.

The complication of possible federal interference with state marijuana laws under the Trump Administration leads to discussion over use of the drug on college campuses throughout the country. Ms. Chapman recommended that institutions consult their general counsel to check how federal laws – such as the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act which treats marijuana as a Schedule I illegal drug – may impact them legally and financially.

"U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded the former administration’s policy of maintaining a hands-off approach with state marijuana laws, and now the U.S. Justice Department allows federal prosecutors to use their discretion in prosecuting cases involving violations of the federal marijuana law," warned Ms. Chapman. "If a school is found out of compliance with federal law, the government can require repayment of federal funding and can withdraw federal grants, funds, and contracts."

READLimit Liability for Medical Marijuana Use on Campus (Starts on p. 4)

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