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May 16, 2018

Construction Industry Can't Ignore Growing Hacking Threats


Though the construction industry has not been hit by any substantial data breaches in recent years as some other sectors have, builder employee data and business plans are undoubtedly valuable targets being eyed by hackers. This is especially a concern due to the fact that the majority of the construction industry does not dedicate enough resources and attention to cybersecurity and data protection as they should.

Senior Policy Advisor Norma Krayem commented on this issue to Law360, saying: "The construction industry is no longer about just bricks and mortar. The integration of technology pervades every aspect of it, which also means systemic cyber risk is a part of that. Cybersecurity needs to be a major focus by all aspects of the construction industry."

Ms. Krayem added that, as construction projects become more connected and technology links more businesses and cities together, the industry needs to help 'smart cities' become 'smart and secure cities.'

READ: Construction Industry Can't Ignore Growing Hacking Threats

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