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May 11-17, 2018

Pillars of Potential

Atlanta Business Chronicle's P20 Special Section

In the Payments 20 supplement to the Atlanta Business Chronicle, Senior Policy Advisor Norma Krayem commented on the timeliness of P20's creation, considering the fact that cyber attacks to critical infrastructures in the U.S. and globally occur daily.

“The P20 understands that cybersecurity is a systemic threat that knows no boundaries. But for business, with proper management of the issue and collaboration like the P20 is talking about, there are best practices and partnerships that can be shared and created to help manage the risk,” Ms. Krayem says. “In the old days, all we had to worry about was the bank robber showing up with a gun and demanding all the money, now cybersecurity is simply a new risk—the 21st century version of that risk.”

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