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July-August 2018

Meet CBA President Steven M. Elrod: Dealmaker Extraordinaire

CBA Record

As he takes the reigns as the Chicago Bar Association's new president, Steven Elrod shares success stories of his early career as a land use, zoning and local government attorney and how his principles will guide his ambitious agenda for the 2018-19 bar year.

Recalling the case that helped lay an important part of the foundation on his path to becoming a well-known dealmaker, Mr. Elrod told CBA Record, "I was surrounded by attorneys with more experience, for sure, but I had the full support of my client, and I knew that I had a strong legal, economic, and land-use case. When you have all those factors on your side, negotiations are much easier."

As CBA's leader, Mr. Elrod says he will work to foster new ways to promote civility and collegiality in the practice of law—traits that he believes many lawyers in today's political climate are lacking. He believes that the association can help teach those in the legal profession to turn this around in our communities, courtrooms, boardrooms, and especially classrooms. "People need to be in the room where it happens."

READ: Meet CBA President Steven M. Elrod: Dealmaker Extraordinaire

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