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October 18, 2018

A New Surge at the Border Is Forcing Migrant Families Into Motel Rooms

NY Times

Partner Seth Stodder was quoted by The New York Times on their piece on the huge surge of migrant families being housed in motel rooms in Arizona. Hundreds of migrant families were transferred to motels in Arizona after being processed at the Mexican border by the nonprofit organization, Catholic Community Services, which houses, feeds and clothes migrants who pass through the city for a few days before they move on to their final destination. Smugglers determine the routes in which migrants travel and although Arizona is further away than Texas, there is a perception that migrants are more likely to be released from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody in Arizona compared to Texas.

“It sounds like, now that huge resources were thrown at the Rio Grande Valley, migration could be moving back to Arizona,” said Mr. Stodder, a former assistant secretary of Homeland Security in the Obama administration who also served as policy director for Customs and Border Protection during the George W. Bush administration. “Smugglers can see essentially where enforcement resources are going, and move someplace else,” Mr. Stodder said.

READ: A New Surge at the Border Is Forcing Migrant Families Into Motel Rooms 

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