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February 5, 2019

How to Overturn a State Election...Twice

Daily Report

Public Policy & Regulation Associate Jake Evans was interviewed by Daily Report on how he was able to overturn election results for a Georgia race twice due to illegal votes being counted. Mr. Evans persuaded a senior superior court judge to overturn the Republican primary for House District 28 in which he cites at least 74 voters were given the wrong ballots. Mr. Evans discussed with the Daily Report that his goal when overturning the election results a second time was to find more illegal votes that may have made due to individuals leaving the county and not updating their address, individuals who voted in the wrong county, or from individuals that voted twice.

Contesting the anomalies that surfaced in last year’s Republican primary and in the do-over contest “is necessary to instill public confidence that the elections are properly done,” Mr. Evans added. “And if they are not properly done, they are remedied. We don’t want to uphold illegal elections.”

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