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April 10, 2019

Canadian Drug Importation Continues Advancing

Florida Politics

Public Policy attorney Mark Delegal spoke to the Florida Politics on Governor Ron DeSantis' proposed plan to allow the state to import prescription drugs from Canada. Mr. DeSantis' main goal behind the plan is to cut drug costs. The Florida Senate Health and Human Services Appropriations Committee approved this proposal that would authorize the state to ask the federal government to approve the program.

Mr. Delegal, who is a lobbyist for the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufactures of America, explains that there are other ways to lower prescription drug costs, like cracking down on pharmacy benefit managers who fail to pass along savings and rebates to consumers.

“People are watching you,” said Mr. Delegal. “Counterfeiters are watching you. The public is watching you. And when you give a green light to this Canadian system, it’s going to change public conduct. They are going to go out and start saying, “Hey, this has been green-lighted.’ And all the counterfeiters will pop up and begin to make their products available.”

READ: Canadian Drug Importation Continues Advancing

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