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May 31, 2019

BIZINFLUENCER: Paul Loving, Portland's Celebrity Attorney

Portland Business Tribune

Entertainment Law Attorney Paul Loving was featured in a Q&A article by the Portland Business Tribune. The article discusses what exactly entertainment lawyers do on a daily business, the importance of negotiating terms while monitoring relationships and how social media has affected brand names.

Mr. Loving states his daily responsibilities by saying, “When I look at my job, as a lawyer, I primarily do two things. I acquire rights for companies to exercise, and I build in downside protection if things go bad. And on that second part, the downside protection, when you've got someone who is a veteran you know what you're getting into when you're doing the deal.”

Mr. Loving went on to say that part of the job is to help celebrities gain deals by negotiating. He states, “I work on a regular basis monitoring the relationship. In terms of who's sitting in the room, who's making calls on deal points, who's doing the negotiations, that's me."

“The biggest change with social media on the sports, entertainment and athlete endorser side is, there used to be a distinction between private conduct and public conduct. And oftentimes, private conduct could be egregious, it could be in violation of the agreement, but no one would ever know,” says Mr. Loving on the rise of social media within brands.

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