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June 20, 2019

Holland & Knight Turns to Paladin Platform for Pro Bono Matchmaking

Legaltech News

Corporate Responsibility attorney Meghan Walsh was quoted in the Legaltech News article featuring Holland & Knight’s partnership with Paladin to create a platform professionals can use to find pro bono cases that match their needs. Additionally, the platform can be used for a "weather vane", which signals shifts in the pro bono landscape altered by politics or natural disasters.

This platform was used last year when families were being separated at the U.S. and Mexico border. Ms. Walsh states, “That came up quickly and intensely, and we were able to identify need and train people up to meet those needs.”

When pro bono opportunities are available, legal aids send out email blasts to multiple firms and by the time law offices receive the matter for the right lawyer, the case can be settled already. This innovative platform will allow lawyers to work more proactively by answering a questionnaire on their areas of interest and experiences, thus narrowing the focus of cases from the database.

“That’s a very practical way to deal with it because what happens is that someone might think that they are tied up for the next six months and all of the sudden a case settles and they’ve got some time,” said Ms. Walsh.

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