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October 21, 2019

Cybersecurity Firm Attracts OEM Funding

Automotive News

In an interview with Automotive News, Senior Policy Advisor and Chair of the firm's Global Cybersecurity and Privacy Policy and Regulation Team, Norma Krayem,  discusses the increasingly frequent conversations about cyber risks in the transportation sector.

"In transportation, they do not historically discuss cyber risks openly," notes Ms. Krayem. "I do think we're at a point where it's perfectly fine to have a conversation, because it's an overall risk that everybody knows."

As autonomous transportation also enters this conversation, it presents another risk that automakers need to understand and be prepared to handle, even if it is years in the future.

Ms. Krayem comments, "That future does require a safety-centric focus, and though we're many years off from full artificial intelligence and full autonomy, the pro here is that they can build autonomous vehicles under security-by-design principles. They can bake in cybersecurity protection now, and not bolt it on after the fact."

READCybersecurity Firm Attracts OEM Funding

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