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October 3, 2019

Hostile Work Environment Claim Against Hospital Fails

Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly

Litigation and Labor, Employment & Benefits Attorney Stephanie Merabet spoke to Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly about a Boston Medical Center neurologist, Deborah Green-LaRoche, who alleged she was subjected to a hostile work environment. A Superior Court Judge found that plaintiff did not provide sufficient evidence of a pattern of gender bias to support her claim.

Ms. Merabet spoke on the plaintiff's statements indicating a pattern of gender bias for her employment discrimination claim. 

"The only comment was that [the plaintiff’s male colleague] was the only rational member of her team," Ms. Merabet said. "Even if that suggests impermissible bias — and that’s a stretch — it was isolated. And it’s well-established that an isolated, stray remark is insufficient to prove discrimination, particularly where the comment is ambiguous at best."

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