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February 5, 2020

Fla. Injury Defense Attys Hope To Thwart 'Phantom Damages'


The Florida Senate’s Judiciary Committee advanced S.B. 1668, a bill that would bar phantom damages, when a jury only hears about the billed price of medical expenses. Florida Government Advocacy attorney Mark Delegal explains that although letters of protection (LOPs) are not mentioned in a recent bill's text, preventing their alleged abuse by keeping verdicts in check is very much a goal of the bill.

“[The doctors] appear over and over again in litigation all over the state. It’s the same set of them,” Mr. Delegal said. “They get on the witness stand and testify that they are the only doctor on the planet that can do this and that's why they charge them so much. Medicare, Blue Cross won’t pay them. The only way they can get paid is through these letters of protection.”

READFla. Injury Defense Attys Hope To Thwart 'Phantom Damages'

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