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March 17, 2020

Tort Reform Legislation: Fla.'s Phantom Damages Bill Fails

Partner Mark Delegal was quoted in a Law360 article summarizing updates to tort reform legislation in various states, including Florida. Mr. Delegal commented on the failure of a bill that would have prevented juries from only hearing about the billed price of medical expenses instead of the actual, often lower, amount after factoring in insurance coverage and negotiated discounts with healthcare providers, leading to verdicts commonly called "phantom damages." A committee vote on the bill was postponed and did not take place before Florida's legislative session ended, so it never reached the Senate for a vote.

"One person was the key and he said he couldn't support it, so it was never heard in the committee," Mr. Delegal said. "I was disappointed. We’ve been trying to get this straightened out for 10 years, so we have to come back and try again next year."

READ: Tort Reform Legislation: Fla.'s Phantom Damages Bill Fails

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