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May 15, 2020

Coronavirus Throws Wrench Into Tribal Clean Energy Plans


Native American Law Partner Tara Kaushik was quoted in a Law360 article discussing the impact of Coronavirus on clean energy projects in tribal communities across the country. Financial bandwidth is becoming increasingly limited, with many tribal coffers being drained by the loss of gambling and hospitality revenue due to pandemic-related closures. Tribes have pressing needs like beefing up health care and maintaining other basic services that are pushing clean energy projects to the back burner

The project slowdown is "going to last longer than nontribal areas because it will be a slow process after shelter-in-place orders are lifted for these tribal facilities to gain back their revenues," Ms. Kaushik said. "Most tribes are fighting right now to even get a piece of the CARES package and [Paycheck Protection Program] stimulus funding from the federal government, which is a slow and cumbersome process."

READ: Coronavirus Throws Wrench Into Tribal Clean Energy Plans

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