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May 21, 2020

This Is Why Some Tampa Bay Breweries Are Reopening And Others Aren’t

Tampa Bay Times

Senior Counsel and Lobbyist for the Florida Brewers Guild Joshua Aubuchon was quoted in a Tampa Bay Times article discussing the state of craft breweries in the area. Since March, breweries have not been allowed to operate for any business beyond to-go sales. The shutdown has dealt a sharp blow to the local craft brewing industry. Some local breweries started hearing that they could reopen if they have a restaurant on site or partner with a food service provider, like a food truck and new guidelines suggest that breweries that reopen must adhere to social distancing guidelines. Mr. Aubuchon and other guild members have been pushing for the food truck provision since Governor Ron DeSantis allowed restaurants to reopen. He said the most recent guidelines could help ensure the survival of many small breweries that otherwise might have not been able to reopen.

“A lot of them are really hurting,” Mr. Aubuchon said. "Some of them will take their time, but they want to get back open and back to normal. I think it’s going to be great for the food trucks too, because I think a bunch of them haven’t been open. It’s always been a cool relationship between food trucks and breweries.”

READ: This Is Why Some Tampa Bay Breweries Are Reopening And Others Aren’t

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