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September 1, 2020

Does the U.S. Have a Good Strategic Plan for Latin America?

Latin American Advisor

International Trade Partner Nasim Fussell was interviewed by The Dialogue's Latin American Advisor for an article discussing the Trump administration's Western Hemisphere Strategic Framework, a policy plan for the Americas. Ms Fussell commented specifically on how the plan seeks to diminish China's growing influence in the region, saying that it aims to expand free markets and generate economic growth to combat Chinese trade practices. She cautioned, however, that the successful execution of the strategy would require more cooperation among countries in the Americas instead of sweeping policies that limit trade opportunities.

"The framework offers a comprehensive vision for a safe, prosperous and democratic Western Hemisphere, which requires combating China's growing influence in the region," Ms. Fussell said. "Has the Trump administration awoken to the reality that it cannot go it alone when it comes to China? Hopefully so, as the right approach requires more strategic alliances and fewer blunt, unilateral actions that harm U.S. consumers and businesses while shrinking important export markets for American producers."

READ: Does the U.S. Have a Good Strategic Plan for Latin America?

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