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January 11, 2021

Georgia Launches Campaign Finance University

Savannah Business Journal

Public Policy and Regulation Partner Jake Evans spoke with the Savannah Business Journal about Georgia's Campaign Finance University launch. The goal of Georgia's Transparency & Campaign Finance Commission is to maximize compliance with Georgia's campaign finance laws to provide maximum transparency to Georgians about, among other things, where candidates, elected officials and independent committees are taking and spending money. With those goals in mind, the Commission launched an initiative called Campaign Finance Commission - University. CFC-U is a free, comprehensive educational initiative that seeks to inform everyone involved in the process about Georgia's campaign finance laws to increase prospective compliance. Among other forms of educational content, Mr. Evans, who serves as Chairman of Georgia's Transparency & Campaign Finance Commission, will provide answers to frequently asked questions in written and video form. 

"I thank the Commission staff for their hard work in building out and implementing CFC-U, and look forward to its full rollout soon," said Mr. Evans.

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