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February 12, 2021

Biden Holds Off On Tariff Hike Against EU In Aircraft Fight


International Trade Partner Nasim Fussell was quoted in Law360 about the Biden Administration's decision to hold off on the tariff hike against the European Union (EU). The administration will not alter the tariffs imposed against the European Union in a long-running fight over aircraft subsidies, declining a chance to raise the levies after consulting with business leaders. The U.S. and EU have been in a bitter dispute over subsidies to their respective aircraft giants for the better part of two decades. After years of complex rulings and appeals at the WTO, the battle boiled over in the latter stages of the Trump Administration as the two sides began imposing retaliatory duties. Both sides have voiced support for settling the matter through some overarching agreement that would set new rules for aircraft subsidies, however that effort has been slow to materialize.

"I see this as a reflection of their desire to review the Trump Administration's actions before making any moves," said Ms. Fussell.

READ: Biden Holds Off On Tariff Hike Against EU In Aircraft Fight

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