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September 1, 2021

AMLO (Finally) Will Send Electric Reform to Congress This Month

El Financiero

Energy Partner Claudio Rodríguez was cited in an article published by El Financiero about the Andrés Manuel López Obrador Administration's bill to reform Mexico's Electric Industry Law. The country's president announced that he will send to Congress this month the bill, which seeks to favor the Federal Electricity Commission, the state-owned utility company. Mr. Rodríguez noted that even though the majorities needed to approve the reform appear to have been achieved, any constitutional reform has to respect certain principles.

"We do not know the draft and the wording of the reform...[but] it will have to respect constitutional principles of environmental protection and not retroactivity, which means that everything that has been invested in Mexico since the energy reform of 2013 has to be respected," he said.

READ: AMLO (Finally) Will Send Electric Reform to Congress This Month

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