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March 6, 2023

Inside Florida's Proposed Affordable Housing Legislation

The Real Deal

Real Estate attorney Debbie Orshefsky was quoted in an article featured on The Real Deal about Senate Bill 102, known as the “Live Local Act,” aimed to fill funding gaps that Florida developers face. Florida’s proposed affordable housing legislation is aimed at incentivizing developers with major tax breaks and funding. Ms. Orshefsky said this marks the first time Florida takes a “comprehensive approach to addressing the affordable housing crisis.” She explained that if the bill becomes a law, her market-rate developer clients will consider setting aside units for affordable housing.

Ms. Orshefsky talked about what else the legislation has to offer for market-rate developers who include workforce housing units in their developments. The legislation “will also allow market-rate rental developers to actually incorporate some affordable units in their market-rate developments,” she said.

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