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The following are select engagements that highlight recent work performed by our client teams:

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  • Anti-Money Laundering: developed a "banned parties" compliance program for a large automobile dealership
  • Public Companies and Securities: appointed to serve as "Special Master" on a federal corporate probation matter; our responsibilities include overseeing the implementation of the court-imposed compliance program in addition to preparing ongoing reports for the court regarding the organization's progress and ongoing compliance activities
  • Anti-Money Laundering: appointed by the American Bar Association to provide training on U.S. anti-money laundering laws and related issues at a multi-national banking conference in the Philippines and lectured on the topic at the Singapore Financial Crimes Conference
  • International Trade: drafted tailored anti-boycott procedures for a company conducting extensive sales in the Middle East
  • Healthcare Organizations: developed a compliance program for a children's center that is a highly-regulated provider of onsite counselors and mental health professionals in several dozen public schools
  • Healthcare Organizations: represented a clinical laboratory company in an internal investigation of potential Stark and anti-kickback violations and negotiated a resolution of the Stark issues with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (HHS-OIG); our team also assisted the company in the development and implementation of a compliance program
  • International Trade: assisted a communications equipment manufacturer in auditing International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) exports and in voluntary disclosure to the State Department
  • Antitrust: assisted a Danish company with significant business in the United States, including the manufacture of products such as compressors and heating/cooling controls, with antitrust matters both domestic and abroad
  • HIPAA/Data Privacy and Security: assisted numerous companies with responding to and mitigating data breaches
  • International Trade: serving as primary compliance counsel to numerous companies in the defense and government contracts industry; services include design and implementation of compliance programs and procedures, development and delivery of training, conducting internal compliance audits and investigations and representation in defense of government investigations
  • Government Contracts: retained by a professional services government contractor to develop a comprehensive compliance and ethics program; draft policies and procedures regarding Organizational Conflicts of Interest (OCI), conflicts of interest, gifts and gratuities, hiring of government employees and other government contracts policies and procedures; and develop and deliver compliance training for both the company's employees and its board of trustees
  • Government Contracts: retained by a publicly-traded company in the construction industry to conduct an internal investigation into potential disadvantaged/minority business enterprise related fraud in connection with a government funded project and disclosure of the results to the appropriate government officials
  • Healthcare Organizations: represented a national home health/durable medical equipment (DME) provider in responding to a state attorney general investigation of potential billing improprieties and in enhancement of its compliance and ethics program
  • International Trade: conducted an audit of an electronics distributor's procedures and provided recommendations regarding process improvements
  • Public Companies and Securities: retained by a global, publicly-traded electronics manufacturer to assist the company's chief compliance and ethics officer with the establishment of a comprehensive compliance and ethics program addressing U.S. law as well as the laws of 17 other countries in which the company has operations; our team is currently working with the compliance and ethics officer to implement training and manage compliance operations around the globe
  • International Trade: drafted an import compliance program for an electronics manufacturer/distributor
  • International Trade: provided assistance to several electronics manufacturers in improving compliance procedures for "dual use" exports
  • Government Contracts: retained by the audit committee of a professional services government contractor to conduct an internal investigation and make a voluntary disclosure to the U.S. Attorney of a massive embezzlement scheme led by the company's chief financial officer; this engagement also involved an internal investigation and assessment of potential False Claims Act and unallowable cost issues, voluntary disclosures to the Department of Justice and numerous state attorneys general offices, development of an overpayment analysis and negotiation of settlements with state and federal agencies; in addition, we were retained to assist the company's management in the development of a comprehensive compliance and ethics program, development and implementation of numerous government contracts specific policies and procedures, training of the board of directors and other related services
  • Healthcare Organizations: retained by a managed care organization to oversee an internal investigation into potential errors in Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society (RAPS) submissions; the internal investigation revealed that errors were the result of inadvertent error, and our team assisted the company in reporting the errors to CMS and negotiating repayment of the overpayment
  • Antitrust: provided training and general advice to a European trade association whose members have significant business in the United States