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The following are select engagements that highlight recent work performed by our client teams:

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  • Communications Sector: represented a major communications company in clarifying a section of the Florida Building Code regarding the required wind-load designs of their facilities; after receiving mixed signals from the Florida Building Commission on a proposed Petition for Declaratory Statement, we negotiated a statutory change with the commission, which we lobbied for as an amendment onto an issuing bill during the last few weeks of the 2008 regular session; the bill passed and was signed by the governor; pending similar adverse actions by other counties were avoided
  • Utilities Sector: represented a large electric utility in obtaining a need determination from the FPSC for a 283 MW integrated gasification combined cycle power plant and a 633 MW combined cycle plant
  • Telecommunications Sector: represented the nation's largest telecommunication company in a contested Florida Public Service Commission (FPSC) proceeding involving the client's merger with Florida's largest local telecommunications company; the FPSC's order approving the merger was appealed to the Florida Supreme Court and affirmed
  • Healthcare Sector: represented a major healthcare client in negotiating an amendment to a bill that, as originally drafted, would have significantly affected the customary business practices of the provider's pay procedures, leading to increased administrative costs and possible lost revenue
  • Healthcare Sector: represented a hospital association in negotiating with House and Senate leadership during a tight budget year to ensure that funding for the client would be held harmless, thus allowing its medical facilities to avoid cutting services or closing clinics that provide essential healthcare services to lower income residents of the state
  • Information Technology Sector: represented an international IT company in a bid dispute and provided subsequent procurement counsel and advice that helped our client obtain a significant state contract
  • Retail Sector: represented a national bookstore company in negotiating an amendment to a bill that, as originally drafted, would have placed overly burdensome new notification requirements on the stores
  • Legislative: assisted a client in preventing, through coordination with the governor's office and legislative leadership, the introduction of legislation that could have completely disrupted the client's ability to continue providing services to executive branch agencies
  • Telecommunications Sector: represented one of the nation's largest telecommunications companies before the Florida Legislature in passing legislation to provide for statewide video franchising
  • Trade Association Representation: represented a statewide association in urging the passage of a measure amending Florida's Administrative Procedure Act (APA); this effort also involved negotiations with representatives of the governor's office
  • Utilities Sector: represented one of Florida's largest landowners in obtaining water and wastewater utility certificates from the FPSC for a 38,535 acre development