Robert J Labate

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Representing the LCA Filmmaker
, Video Law Guide Series, Lawyers for the Creative Arts, Summer 2017
, Celebrity Presentations, Promotions, and Using Music and Video, March 12-16, 2017
, Lawyers for the Creative Arts Associate Board, November 10, 2016
Production Book 101: Meeting Distributors Requirements to Pick Up Your Film
, Lake FX Summit 2016, May 13, 2016
, IICLE’s Entertainment Law Program, September 25, 2015
, Lawyers for the Creative Arts Program, July 8, 2015
Fair Use & Copyright for Filmmakers - What do Filmmakers Need to Know About Fair Use, Copyright, Rights Clearing and Distribution?
, 2014 IFP/Chicago Filmmakers Conference, Panelist, October 10, 2014
Covering Your Bases: Legal Issues in Indie Filmmaking
, Reeling 32 LGBT Film Festival, September 21, 2014
, Illinois State Bar Association, April 23, 2014
Northwestern University School of Law's Arts and Entertainment Law Society
, Panelist, February 24, 2014
Documentary Film
, DePaul Digital Media Center, October 8, 2012
The Arc of Production, Legal Topics Affecting Film Makers
, Chicago South Asian Film Festival, September 22, 2012
Shopping and Formation
, Legal Trends in Filming in Chicago, YLS Creative Arts and CBA Media & Entertainment Committees, April 7, 2011
, Taking Back the Property: A Check List for Troubled Properties, the Options to Pull, and Why, November 18, 2009
Creative Approaches to Workouts in the Hospitality Industry
, Panelist, September 11, 2009
, Panelist, Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow: Exit Strategies, Discussion of Exiting the Real Estate Joint Venture: Defaults: Defeasance; Remedies; Developer Removal; Triggers for Restructuring Loans so the Partners Need More Equity, February 19, 2009
Bankruptcy Issues Relevant to Municipalities
, Panelist, Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education, Annual Municipal Law Conference, January 22 and 30, 2009
Preparing for 2009 - Hot Topics for Business During the Recession
, Chicago Urban League projectNEXT Seminar, December 6, 2008
, Panelist, What You Need to Know Now: Practical Answers for Dealing With Troubled Retail Tenants, December 5, 2008
, Underground Contractors Association, October 2008
Distribution of Independent Films
, Panelist, Chicago Cine Tech Expo 2007, September 29, 2007
Independent Filmmaking and the Law
, Moderator/Panelist, Jacksonville Film Festival, May 18, 2007
Entertainment Law 202: Digital Media in the Age of YouTube, iPods, and Cell Phones
, Organizer/Moderator, ABA/CBA Seminar, May 7, 2007
The Search of El Dorado: The Endless Search for Feature Film Financing
, Moderator, Annual Meeting of the ABA Entertainment and Sports Forum, Los Angeles, CA, October 2006
Legal Issues of Film Development, Production and Distribution
, Speaker, The Midwest Audio Visual Expo, September 2006
Brokeback Mountain Without Going Broke - Alternate Ways to Finance and Distribute Independent Film
, Panelist, Second Annual Jacksonville Film Festival, May 2006
Entertainment 101 - Fundamentals of Music, Film and Television Production and Distribution
, Organizer/Moderator, ABA/CBA Seminar, May 2006
Film Business Organizations, Copyright and Trademark, Financing and Contracts
, Organizer/Speaker, Lawyers For The Creative Arts, February 2006